Path to aprenticeship with foreign students

As a teacher with foreign students there is much to keep in mind about how to even their path to an apprenticeship. It is easy to miss some basic point which can end up hurting their chances. This will be a comprehensive list of things to watch out for. It is purposely short with links provided for further information rather than having everything bulked in. The list is meant to be extendable but also comprehensive to any Swiss teacher trying to find an apprenticeship for their students.

Things which tend to be done and also work

  • learn how to phone Call
  • prepare for tricky questions at interviews
  • adjust application letters to the job advertisement
  • gather adequate information about professions
  • consider prerequisites and predispositions of students accurately (and heartlessly)
  • cooperate with BIZ

Things which tend not to be done but usually are very important

  • repeat / teach basic Swiss values (punctuality, handshake, looking into ones eye, … )
  • learn to thank for anything
  • make sure that your student knows what to expect from a profession
  • avoid missing a chance to show interest
  • be as personal(ized) as possible
  • explain the dual system to students and parents
  • get parents to actively participate in the discourse about their children’s profession
  • clarify the possibilities to carry on after having absolved an apprenticeship

Things that are done but don’t work (without doing it correctly)

  • learning the standard form of application
  • make students send many applications

Problems to be aware about even if you can’t help about it

  • Multicheck / Basic Check are costly and foreigners are not willing to invest money
  • foreigners tend to be overwhelmed by the task of writing or even adjusting an application

External Links

  1. Useful brochures on various steps and tasks concerning apprenticeship:
  2. Create an awesome CV:
  3. Compare your Stellwerk Check to any profession:
  4. If you have no Stellwerk Check but want to see info on requirements for a specific profession: