HSK language courses for bilingual children

HSK (Heimatliche Sprache und Kultur)

Website Volksschulamt Zürich: http://www.vsa.zh.ch/internet/bildungsdirektion/vsa/de/schulbetrieb_und_unterricht/faecher/sprache/heimatliche_sprache_kultur_hsk.html

teaching material: six books

-Grundlagen und Hintergründe

-Didaktische Anregungen

Verlag: Orell Füssli -> these books have been developed for the HSK-schools (language schools)

Why I think it is helpful for school teachers to know about the HSK:

■Helps us understand the learning structure

■Helps us see the opportunities (various language schools)

■Hopefully we will then be determined to help migrant students feel integrated in the classroom and to make them feel comfortable with the languages they speak/learn

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