How to help and deal with bilingual/migrant children (teacher’s perspective)

How can I make sure as a teacher that migrant students feel integrated, especially in German lessons?

■Use their cultural heritage for lesson planning

■Adapt learning tasks, assignments and goals to their level

■Keep a good relationship with additional teachers (DaZ etc.)

■Early schooling of social acceptance in class

■Positive mindset and show student you are determined to help him/her

■Be encouraging, stay updated with his/her learning process etc.

■know about HSK -> look through the books developed specifically for the HSK

How to deal with students in class that speak a foreign first language?

■It’s fun to ask kids to talk about “how to say things” (on a structural and a lexical) level.

■There’s tons of research on “using the mother tongue to teach another one”.


much more interesting articles: just google “using mother tongue to teach another one”.

■Let kids of the same language group work together in projects so they can use their L1.

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