Interview with a mainland Chinese student studying in HK

A interview with a mainland Chinese students studying in HK:

When did you come to HK?

-In 2013.


Why you choose HK?

-My mother asked me to come.


What’s your first impression of HK?

-Hot and too many people. The living price is so high. I feel strange, a little nervous and a little fear when I came to HK.


What’ the difference between study in HK and mainland China?

-In mainland, teacher ask me to study but in HK no one asks me to study even if I get a very poor grade. In mainland China, teachers write notes on the blackboard, but in HK teacher use e-learning materials for learning. In mainland China, I must get up early every morning. In HK, I can choose the time of the course by myself. The classroom management of mainland China is better than HK.


What’s your biggest challenge in studying in HK?

-Language. In HK, all of HK people speak Cantonese. One time, we had a group discussion. They discussed in Cantonese. However, I could not understand what they are talking about. Also, my courses are in English, which made me feel a little difficult to study.


What is your methods to overcome those challenges?

-Take Cantonese course.

-Watch TVB and Cantonese films.

-Take part in many social activities.

-Join football team.

-When I feel down, I would like to go to a gym and eat many kinds of food.

– When I feel down, I chat with my roommates and travel around HK.


Who help you when you feel down?

-My friends.



I think there are some cultural differences between mainland China and Hong Kong. However, there are many people around you to help you. What you can do is trying to adapt to the life in HK and think about who you are, what you want, what you want to enjoy in HK. Therefore, you will have goals which make you easier to fall in love with HK.

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